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Welcome to Langford Parish Council

This is the site of the Langford (Bedfordshire) Parish Council. On 14 January 2007 the ward board consented to set up a site which is overseen by a volunteer website admin. It is still under development and it is wanted to grow and give a helpful asset to neighborhood individuals. Councilors and occupants are welcome to submit material for consideration.

We have an announcement board which has segments for general notification from the area chamber and in addition areas for giving occupants and others capacity to give criticism. You can utilize the Web frame to contact the ward gathering.

Place Place

The full ward board regularly meets on the principal Monday of every month at 20:30 in the Church Hall (outline). There is no meeting in August, subsequently there are 11 gatherings for every year. On the off chance that the principal Monday in a month falls on an open occasion the meeting will be held the next Monday. The real dates are recorded in Langford Diary. Particular points of interest of the following meeting can be found on the announcement load up and this will let you know of any progressions from the typical date, time or setting. Individuals from the general population are welcome to go to. Toward the start of every area board meeting 22 minutes is put aside for open inquiries.

Inhabitants are welcome to contact the ward chamber either by keeping in touch with the area representative or reaching any councilor by phone, email (for the individuals who partake as demonstrated before) or finish the Web shape.

On the other hand you may enroll at the release board and post any matter there. Anything posted on the announcement board can be seen and reacted to by any other individual so it is especially valuable raising issues which you accept are of more extensive enthusiasm to occupants. Every once in a while the area chamber will likewise post general notification on the announcement board.

On 7 February 2010 the area Council consented to begin distributing board minutes.